A high impact Flue and Roof Cowl used in the construction/building industry.  It is typically for the ventilation of moist air from bathrooms, laundry’s and domestic kitchens but can also be used for relief air applications. It is aesthetically pleasing, durable, long lasting and very easy to install. The performance range suits domestic ventilation applications.


  • Constructed from high impact UV stable Polymer which will allow it to be used in extreme climates and harsh conditions without perishing.
  • The angle of the flashing is generic to standard building practices.
  • For corrugated roofs, the fluted flanges and side edging of the over flashing are specifically designed to hug the corrugation to prevent leaves, mulch and debris getting into the roof spaces.
  • For tiled roofs, the flue/roof plate comes with a lead flashing which can be tapped to the form of the tiles.
  • The Flue and Roof Cowl comes fully sealed.
  • Matched to the full range of colours from Colorbond.
  • Save labour on trimming in the flashing and/or reduce the amount of silicone used to seal the flashing to the roof. The finish of the joining will also be dramatically improved.

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Applicable Standards

  • NCC 2016 BCA Volume One (National construction code) Part F4 Light and Ventilation.
  • AS (Australian Standards).
  • AS4254.2 Ductwork for Air-handling Systems in Buildings.
  • AS1668.2 Mechanical Ventilation in Buildings.Construction
  • Material: UV Polymer.
  • Diameter: ID 150mm OD 154.
  • Injection moulded in five pieces and fully sealed.
  • Comes with vermin guard (standard).
  • Optional Ember Shield: 2mm x 2mm. Flammability Rating: 1.6mm. Classification: UL-94. V0. Burn Rate: 0.
  • Over flashing and waterproofing to suit corrugated roof sheets and tiled roofs.


  • Exhaust and supply air capacity: 90L/s volume at 5m/s velocity.
  • Pressure loss: 37Pa.
  • Relief air capacity: 50L/s volume at 3m/s velocity.
  • Pressure loss: 12Pa as per AS1668.2.

The Flue and Roof Cowl can be installed to comply with relevant NCC and AS building construction codes. The Palamino Plastics Flue and Roof Cowl is a registered design.

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