Project & Mould Design

We offer a comprehensive project management service, whether it be for your own product or assistance with new mould design through to mass production.  Prototyping can also be arranged. 

We take time to listen to your concepts, to clearly understand how you would like your product to perform and then incorporate our knowledge and experience to help adapt, economise and create the perfect solution.

During all stages of project design and manufacture, we work alongside experienced Designers and Toolmakers to oversee that the mould design is specific to both your needs and best product moulding outcome, we source the best suppliers/materials to your specific project(s), prioritise your requests accordingly and do whatever is required to obtain the optimum price and/or delivery time for you.

Custom Injection Moulding

Here at Palamino Plastics, we have 12 moulding machines of clamp tonnage from 50 tonnes to 650 tonnes capable of moulding products up to 2.5kg in weight. We have the capabilities to lift 5 tonne moulds using our unique overhead crane system.

We pride ourselves on our time efficient production floor. Our operators are skilled in each moulding project to ensure your order is received to the expected quality and in a timely manner.

Sub-assembly & Packing

We also carry out in-house sub-assemblies and other operations eliminating any additional handling costs to you, when such operations are required. This allows you to focus on your core business activities.

A number of our customers employ JIT scheduling, whereas others require us to hold stocks of finished goods. This is to immediately satisfy your urgent orders or similar unforeseen demands.

Have a custom project in mind?